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Boiler Installation

When you’re looking for a new boiler, your main focus may be on the initial cost – but wait a minute!

In the long run, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about what you need your boiler to do.

A bigger outlay today may lower your costs in the long run, as you invest in the right boiler type for your needs, with the right installation to ensure it’s as efficient as possible. 

Is your boiler playing up?

Choosing the right boiler for your needs

Not every home uses the same level of hot water or enjoys the same temperature on the thermostat, so it’s important to establish what you want your boiler to be able to do. If you have a high number of radiators and bathrooms, or high central heating demands, it would be best for you to look at boilers with a higher KW output. For example, a home with up to two bedrooms, one bathroom and around 10 radiators would be looking at a boiler capable of up to 27kW output; a four bedroom home with two bathrooms and 20 radiators would benefit from an output of around 35-42kW. 

There are also different boiler types available: regular/heat only; system boilers and combi.

  • Regular/heat boilers

Also known as a conventional boiler – this is something you tend to find in older homes, and feature a separate cold storage tank and a hot water cylinder. Unfortunately, they don’t perform well with high water pressure, but they do allow you to run hot water in more than one area of your home – great for bigger and busier households. You may find that if you do live in an older home, you may need to stay using this type of boiler.

  • System boilers 

While the system boiler also features a separate cold storage tank and hot water cylinder, unlike the regular boiler, the components are part of the system itself – which makes them easier to install and they ten to take up less space.  

  • Combi boilers 

Probably the most well-known type of boiler, the combi combines a central heating boiler with a highly efficient water heater. Coming as one compact unit, there’s no need for separate storage tanks for hot and cold water, and comes as one compact unit. 

Reliable boilers are more cost efficient

A common reason for needing a new boiler is it being beyond economical repair, which can make it more cost-effective for it to be replaced. Boiler breakdowns can be inconvenient and expensive to fix, and fix, and fix again… and no one likes to be stressed and cold at the same time. 

Energy efficient boilers reduce energy wastage, which can bring your energy bills down – and if you choose a state-of the-art thermostat, you can take them down even further. 

Installation energy regulations 

There are many government guidelines for boiler installation and energy efficiency, which all boiler installations have to adhere to: 

  • Gas boilers must have an ErP efficiency of at least 92%
  • Combi-boiler installations must have one energy-saving feature 
  • All boilers require functioning time and temperature controls 


How long should boiler fitting take? 

This all depends on the type of boiler you need, its location and your home type. A like-for-like boiler will be quicker to turnaround than moving to a different system, such as converting a combi boiler. Please get in touch to talk about your needs, for a full estimate. 

How much does it cost to install a boiler? 

The price is often dependent on the brand that you choose, along with the type (regular, system or combi) and availability of the unit, so there isn’t a standard price. 

We would love to talk through your needs and provide you with an estimate for your boiler installation. Please get in touch.

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